Stuff That Doesn’t Suck (4)

Stuff that doesn’t suck is a meme hosted by Pam at Bookalicious where we graciously share with you the things that we come across in a week that don’t suck. This includes a variety of things from books to music to youtube and even more. Feel free to join in on the comments or on your own blog.

Advice Show on the Web That Doesn’t Suck
My Brother, My Brother and Me is an advicecast where three real life brothers answer the hard hitting questions like “What’s the difference between anorexic and balsamic?” with wit and wisdom. Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy pull questions from the comedy platinum mine that is Yahoo! Answers as well as internet submissions. I listened to it for the first time this week, though I’ve seen Griffin tweet and Facebook about it before and I must say that I’ve been missing out. Some of the questions are weird and some are just downright absurd, but the McElroy brothers are funny and insightful with their answers. I’m definitely subscribing to the podcast and will go back and listen to the episodes that I’ve missed. Justin and Griffin are both editors for Joystiq so check out their articles over there!

This a brief sampling of what their show is all about.

Little Boy Singing to Lady Gaga That Doesn’t Suck
I love Youtube videos. I’m kind of addicted, actually and I’m really sad that I didn’t find this first. Lady Gaga posted this the other day on her Facebook account. She’s been very supportive of people singing her music, especially kids. I love Lady Gaga and I think she’s really very talented, albeit a bit crazy. Timmy has a Youtube channel called TheManiaMusic. His first upload was a rendition of Bad Romance in his kitchen which seemed kind of spontaneous, but his later videos are much more calculated. In his latest video for “Judas” he’s on point. The kid is actually very good, my coworkers and I agree that he’s much better than Britney Spears, if that qualifies anything. He has great pitch and time and can dance and sing simultaneously, which again makes him top Britney Spears.

This is an abbreviated edition of Stuff That Doesn’t Suck, mainly because I forgot to put one out on Saturday, even though I said that Saturday wouldn’t be the regular day to do it. Oops. Anyway, I’ll be back for another post later this week. In the meantime, what hasn’t sucked for you this week?


Stuff That Doesn’t Suck (3)

Stuff that doesn’t suck is a meme hosted by Pam at Bookalicious where we graciously share with you the things that we come across in a week that don’t suck. This includes a variety of things from books to music to youtube and even more. Feel free to join in on the comments or on your own blog.

Blog That Doesn’t Suck

Chronic Geek is a blog written by 8-Bit Emma. She is a college student studying Information Systems Technology. Her blog features her loves of comic books, zombies, gaming, music, and Doctor Who. Not only does her blog feature things about herself and her life, but it also spotlights some of her favorite geek finds. She is an insightful writer and I like that way she incorporates her own photography in her blog. She participates in blog memes such as Fishnet Friday and recounts some pretty epic events like her trip to Brewfest 2010 and refurbishing an arcade game cabinet. I think Emma is awesome and I look forward to her blog posts and tweets.

Movie Trailer That Doesn’t Suck

Okay, so if you’re like me, most or all of your adolescent life was spent in the company of Harry Potter and the students of Hogwarts. I’m sad to see this epic series come to an end, but I’ll tell you, this trailer does it justice. It looks absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see this movie.

TV Theme Song Cover That Doesn’t Suck

Just go with me on this one. I’m a fan of theme music. If I had my own personal theme, it would be a bouncy, light-hearted ditty and there’d probably be some ukulele in it. Anyhoo, the folks at Nerdbastards posted this on their site and it was too epic not to share. I’m not watching Game of Thrones until I’ve read its literary namesake, but I will attest that the opening theme is awesome. This guy created a heavy metal version of it and uploaded it to youtube on Friday. Bask in the awesomeness.

Adorable Puppy Dog That Doesn’t Suck

Just because I felt like we needed another video from youtube, here’s a video that a friend posted on our gaming group’s message board. Actually, this isn’t the version he posted, it’s actually a better version. I could not help but smile when I saw this adorable pug.

What hasn’t sucked for you this week?

Stuff That Doesn’t Suck (2)

Stuff That Doesn't Suck at Kentucky Geek Girl

Stuff that doesn’t suck is a meme hosted by Pam at Bookalicious where we graciously share with you the things that we come across in a week that don’t suck. This includes a variety of things from books to music to youtube and even more. Feel free to join in on the comments or on your own blog.

Song That Doesn’t Suck

Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man

It was a tough pick for this week. There are a lot of songs that I’m all about right now, but Little Lion Man is just one of those songs that you hear and instantly want to listen to again. I think it has a lot of heart, but there are some sarcastic elements to it as well. Just listen to the lyrics. I interpret it as a guy talking to himself about the love that he had, but totally f&%$ed up. It’s like you have this love to give and it’s in your heart, but everytime you get close to expressing it, the worst happens. Just my interpretation. Regardless, it’s an amazing song. I can’t wait to check out more from Mumford and Sons.

Cupcakery That Doesn’t Suck

BabyCakes Cupcakes opened its doors in Lexington, KY in April 2009. They only use all-natural, organic ingredients for their cupcake creations and offer gluten free options. Their cupcakes are absolutely divine and have so much flavor. BabyCakes offers over fifty flavors and even have Cocktail cupcakes with a hint of your favorite alcohol. Best of all, BabyCakes is totally committed to the community. They offer donations for local events (such as my museum’s Scary Night at the Museum Halloween event) and do donation days where their day’s sales go toward causes such as flood and earthquake relief. The owners, Trish and Keith are a delight and it was really nice to see Trish today when she came to my work to deliver a cupcake display for a wedding!

BabyCakes Cupcakes
153 Patchen Drive, Suite 57B
Lexington, KY

Photo That Doesn’t Suck

Yes, that’s a funnel cloud…

So, we’ve been having some pretty severe weather here in Central KY for the last week or so. Last night, things really ramped up and when they said that a system that had a history of tornadoes was passing into my city, I got a bit freaked out. I love storms, but it was still pretty nerve-wracking. Thankfully, a friend let me come over and hang out with him while the storm passed. While it didn’t actually touch down here in Lexington, we did get to see a funnel cloud. This picture was taken by a friend. You can follow his weather tweets at @WatcherWolf_KY.

Gaming Shop That Doesn’t Suck

I am working on a series of posts called “Your Friendly Neighborhood Game Shop.” I wanted to give a a shout out to my new favorite store in Lexington. Amazing Wonders Gaming & Hobby Center is a new store in Lex, but has already made a great name for itself. The folks there are friendly, they have a large event center and the store is clean. I was able to find a pretty set of d10s for our Vampire game. They take special orders and have a huge selection of Role-playing games, Card games and other hobby items. Look for my post about them soon! Meanwhile, check out their Facebook!

Stuff That Doesn’t Suck (1)

I’ll be doing a new (and hopefully weekly) feature here on KGG where I take a look at some of my favorite things from the week: Stuff That Doesn’t Suck. I was recently turned on to this idea by my best friend Leila and I’ve decided to adapt it to fit the style of my blog here at Kentucky Geek Girl. Stuff That Doesn’t Suck, or STDs for short, was created by Pam at Bookalicious. She does hers on Saturday, but I’m not sure that I’ll nail it down to one day in particular. Anyhoo, I’m addicted to random internet browsing and finding awesome new things so I am really looking forward to this series!

Without further adieu…

Stuff That Doesn't Suck at Kentucky Geek Girl

Blog That Doesn’t Suck
Within Pages is a new blog written by none other than my very best friend Leila! We both began playing World of Warcraft in 2007. In 2010, she became a rising star in the World of Warcraft blogging community at A Healadin’s Tear where she wrote about the trials and tribulations of guild leading, holy paladin-ing and general World of Warcraft news. Like me, however, she has left the game and turned her attention toward other things. Case in point: book blogging! She has started a fantastic new blog and will focus primarily on Young Adult literature, a genre that is close to her heart. Please show her some love and like her new Facebook page as well! You can follow her on the Twitter @justcallmelila.

Book That Doesn’t Suck
At the behest of a good friend, I started reading A Game of Thrones from the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. I happened to begin reading it just before the HBO series premiere (It premieres tomorrow!!) and just before a scathing review was published in the New York Times by Ginia Bellafante. I whole-heartedly disagree with Ms. Bellafante’s opinion that women do not enjoy fantasy fiction and that romance and sex was only inserted into the book (and subsequently the television show) to entice female readers/viewers. (P.S. There was such reader outcry against the review that the NYT had to disable comments on their site.) I’m only around 130 pages in, but I must say that I love this freaking book already. I think that Martin is creating a fantastic world. I don’t have HBO, and I have decided to finish the book first, so I won’t be watching the show right away, but I did want to post a little something about the TV series. I can’t give a fair review yet, that will come later, but the only thing I can say without a doubt is: Winter is coming.

Web Series That Doesn’t Suck
I absolutely love “Awkward Embraces” and I feel as if this show was made for me. I’m going to write about it in more depth in another post soon, but I did want to include it in my first STDs post. I’m a geek girl. I love Star Trek: The Next Generation, making obscure references, and playing video games and so does Jessica, the star of Awkward Embraces. The show, now in its second season, also follows her friends Candis and Lyndsey as the three friends experience dating highs and lows. Like I said, I’m going to write about the show in more depth later, but I definitely wanted to include it here! You can read more about the show here and follow the show on Twitter @AwkwardEmbraces. Watch episode 1 from Season 1 here.

Drink That Doesn’t Suck
I tried a new wine for the first time last night. Moscato is a sparkling white wine produced in the province of Asti in Northern Italy. I’m not much of a wine connoisseur, but I thought it was delicious! It was a nice change of pace from my typical drinks.

What didn’t suck for you this week? Let me know in the comments below!