The Girl Behind Kentucky Geek Girl

About the Blog

I have always been a geek and until a few years ago, I spent it in the closet. I bounced around from social circle to social circle, never really fitting in with anyone. When I moved away to college and left the trappings of youth behind, I found comfort and acceptance with a new group of friends. This blog is the culmination of my life in geekdom. I love movies, music, books and all pop culture. I also am an avid gamer, though I’ve taken an indefinite sabbatical from World of Warcraft, which I played for 3 years, I am interested in all facets of video gaming. I also role-play with my friends on a weekly basis. I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and have played a ranger, two bards, succubus sorceress, and warrior. I have played in a short Call of Cthulhu campaign and have just started playing Vampire: The Masquerade. In this blog, I’ll recount the trials and tribulations of life as a gamer: whether it be work, dating, social life, etc. I’ve had many blogs before, but they mostly just turned ranty, so I want this blog to be different. I will talk about my personal life, but as it relates to my life as a geek.

About Tasha Lee

I am originally from Eastern Kentucky, but have lived in the Bluegrass Region for five years. I am almost 24 years old and am working toward a B.A in History. I have not completed my degree due to some life events, but I am looking to return very soon. Museums are my first love and I want to work full-time in a history museum some day. I currently work in an afternoon program at a local elementary school. I had never worked in the child care industry and this job has been very eye-opening. My mom taught Head Start and it’s interesting to call myself a trained child-care professional since I never thought I would be working with kids on a daily basis. I hope that in one small way my compassion and caring can help instill something positive in them. I get to see all age groups because I work in the computer lab, but as of late I have been working very closely with 5-7 year olds. I worked with older kids last school year, but was left terribly frazzled, to say the least. I have worked in the museum industry for over ten years. I started out as a volunteer when I was in high school and now am a volunteer assistant to the museum manager at a museum in here town.

I’m single and have my own apartment which I hope can be my own little geek haven. Sadly, though the only decoration that I have in my living room is a Star Wars poster and a succubus calendar. I’m looking to get things fixed up so I can start hosting my group’s gaming nights. I have a wonderful group of friends!

I have another blog, Tasha Gets Healthy, which I wish to remain separate from this blog. It is an account of my weight-loss journey. Since around November 2010, I have lost 49 pounds and am on a journey to lose a lot more. My best friend and her boyfriend are coming along for the ride and have seen awesome results so far as well.

I’m addicted to Twitter and you can find updates in 140 characters @bardicmelody.

I would like to write a novel some day. While I do not know exactly what kind of book it would be, I love paranormal romance and historical fiction.


2 thoughts on “The Girl Behind Kentucky Geek Girl

  1. Love the blog – keep up the good work! The more you write, whether it’s blogging or fiction or gaming material, the more confident you become in your ability to do it all. There’s a big market for para-romance and historical romance; maybe you should try your hand at a short story and see how it turns out?

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