A fond farewell to WordPress

Kentucky Geek Girl was born on May 26, 2010. Just a few months ago, I made the decision to relocate my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. My rationale was that it would be easier to work with if I decided to go self-hosted, which is just fine and dandy if I was currently able to fork out the dinero to make that happen. unfortunately, right now, I’m not. My best friend Leila who blogs at Within Pages, had the similar dilemma when she set her new blog up here at WordPress. Ultimately, she made the decision to go to Blogger because many folks in the book blogging community work from there. I like the customization that Blogger provides, in addition to the ability to use JavaScript. WordPress.com blocks JavaScript, whereas WordPress.org users have that functionality.

With customization in mind, I also decided to take into the account that I like the Google Friend Connect feature. Not that I’m necessarily a fan of numbers, I just think that subscribing to blogs on WordPress leaves a bit to be desired. Google Friend Connect and Google Analytics is just a bit easier to pinpoint exactly who is coming to the site, what they are looking at, etc. The statistic tracking on WordPress is just not what I’m looking for. In truth, I will buy the domain name someday. I realize that having an .wordpress.com or .blogspot.com address lowers the credibility of your brand somewhat, but I’m a relatively new blogger in the grand scheme of things. It is what it is.

Fear not, gentle readers. I’m going to be all set up at my new blogging home in a jiffy. I shall begin the import/export process now and be up and running soon. Thanks to Leila I even found the current blog theme I’m using for Blogger. It will be like we never were apart. And what a better way to celebrate Kentucky Geek Girl’s 1 year birthday than to go back to the place where it all started?

This week, I’ll be giving you all some details about a giveaway that I’m doing for the blog’s 1 year anniversary in conjunction with Dragon Chow Dice Bags, home of the flat bottomed reversible dice bag!

Find me at my new home http://kentuckygeekgirl.blogspot.com and be sure to like the new Facebook page!


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