Stuff That Doesn’t Suck (4)

Stuff that doesn’t suck is a meme hosted by Pam at Bookalicious where we graciously share with you the things that we come across in a week that don’t suck. This includes a variety of things from books to music to youtube and even more. Feel free to join in on the comments or on your own blog.

Advice Show on the Web That Doesn’t Suck
My Brother, My Brother and Me is an advicecast where three real life brothers answer the hard hitting questions like “What’s the difference between anorexic and balsamic?” with wit and wisdom. Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy pull questions from the comedy platinum mine that is Yahoo! Answers as well as internet submissions. I listened to it for the first time this week, though I’ve seen Griffin tweet and Facebook about it before and I must say that I’ve been missing out. Some of the questions are weird and some are just downright absurd, but the McElroy brothers are funny and insightful with their answers. I’m definitely subscribing to the podcast and will go back and listen to the episodes that I’ve missed. Justin and Griffin are both editors for Joystiq so check out their articles over there!

This a brief sampling of what their show is all about.

Little Boy Singing to Lady Gaga That Doesn’t Suck
I love Youtube videos. I’m kind of addicted, actually and I’m really sad that I didn’t find this first. Lady Gaga posted this the other day on her Facebook account. She’s been very supportive of people singing her music, especially kids. I love Lady Gaga and I think she’s really very talented, albeit a bit crazy. Timmy has a Youtube channel called TheManiaMusic. His first upload was a rendition of Bad Romance in his kitchen which seemed kind of spontaneous, but his later videos are much more calculated. In his latest video for “Judas” he’s on point. The kid is actually very good, my coworkers and I agree that he’s much better than Britney Spears, if that qualifies anything. He has great pitch and time and can dance and sing simultaneously, which again makes him top Britney Spears.

This is an abbreviated edition of Stuff That Doesn’t Suck, mainly because I forgot to put one out on Saturday, even though I said that Saturday wouldn’t be the regular day to do it. Oops. Anyway, I’ll be back for another post later this week. In the meantime, what hasn’t sucked for you this week?


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