Like a phoenix from the ashes…

The prodigal blogger returns to Kentucky Geek Girl. My friends, I do apologize for my absence the last few months. Real life (the kind of real life I’m not going to talk about on this particular blog) caught up with me in the worst way. And I’ve been dealing with a lot of sickness, sinus infection and bronchitis and gross stuff like that. Like, I’ve been helping fund college educations for the doctor’s and pharmacist’s kids. Anyhoo, I’m back! I’m better than ever! I’m !

In my absence, several things have happened in the world of geek. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 came out and World of Warcraft Cataclysm was released among other things. I downloaded Cataclysm and made my Worgen from the outset. She’s a lovely little warrior in on Shadow Council-US. I’ve also been playing a Gnome Mage and of course my one and only main, Aleksondra. Since it’s my only video game right now, I’ve been playing it a lot. So much so, that I’ve hit a brick wall and am feeling some extreme burnout.

So, I’m quitting the game for an indefinite amount of time. I’ve met some great people on the game and I’ve had a great time the last 3 1/2 years. The guild that my best friend created has done so well and it breaks my heart to leave, but I just have to focus on other things right now. I’m going to post here more often about news and all things geeky and I might pass along some things about WoW that I hear, but I’m just going to step away from the game for awhile. It’s just not in my budget right now to spend the extra money on WoW, but maybe it will be again soon so when that time comes I’ll log back into Azeroth. Everyone needs a break though, right?

I hope everyone has been doing awesome the last few months. I’ve been keeping up with most everyone via twitter. Work and a funk has just kept me away from writing a bit.Though I’ve also begun posting in my other blog. Follow my my journey to health and happiness there.

Until next time!


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