Epic blogging fail

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. I don’t think I’ll ever get into the NaBloPloMo like Irishbookworm. I’ve not had much time to sit down and put together any coherent thoughts. I’ve still got assignments for DemandStudios that I need to write and articles for Examiner.com that I should be working on. And then there’s cleaning my apartment or reading. Still not much with the energy at this point. I wrote a few weeks ago about how things kind of took a nose dive in the life department. I’m happy to report, though, that thanks to the help from family and friends, thing are really looking up. It’s always darkest before the dawn, right?

Right now in Lexington, the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games is being held at the Kentucky Horse Park. I’m so proud of our state for all of the hard work that went in to getting this ready. I don’t have time to get out there to see the spectacle, but I’ve seen some pictures and heard about the everything and it just seems really awesome. One of my elementary school kids came back from the WEG today after a field trip and had a huge bag of stuff from the trade show. She had a book on miming and was practicing her stuff… pretty awesome.

On Tuesday, I’m going home for the first time in awhile. One plus about working for a school is that you get a vacation when school’s out. So, I’m going back home to Flatwoods for around 5 days. My mom and I have already made plans to do some really fun things while I’m home. We’re going to take a day trip up to Maysville, KY which is about 45 minutes from Flatwoods. There are a few museums and historic sites we want to check out up there. We’re also going to go to the Huntington Museum of Art in Huntington, WV.

The weekend I’ll be home is also Greenup Old Fashion Days. I think I’ve missed this maybe once. It’s a huge homecoming event for our county which is complete with a parade, street festival, vendors, food and concerts. This year Cledus T. Judd will be the headliner (I know, right?) and we’re going to be going down to listen to the music and check out the sites. It’s a great people watching activity as well. One can play “Count the mullets” as it is Eastern KY.

I’ve decided to give up cable television. I grew up watching TV and have never been without it, so it’s going to be a tad difficult for me to do. Actually, I take that back, my first semester of college, we only had rabbit ears for the tv. I survived then, I can now. The local cable provider has just gotten a bit too expensive what with both cable and internet and I’ve decided to kick cable out of my budget. With so many shows online now, I have decided that I’ll just get my TV fix on Hulu or on the various network websites. Upon having a conversation with my grandmother about this last week, she said that we’d talk about a new laptop so I can actually watch said TV shows. Right now, the one I’m using, while faithful is a piece of crap and I can’t do much on it.

So, there’s an update on what’s going on with me. Insomnia is kicking my butt currently. Debating on whether to just stay up until I get home from work at 6 Thursday evening and just going to bed then. We’ll see.


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