Fancy pageant walkin’

We’re entering the third month of our current Dungeons and Dragons campaign and we’re having a great time. The people in my gaming group are very close friends and we’ve come to grow very attached to our characters. Our DM, my friend Leila’s boyfriend, has been attempting to run this campaign for 10 years. He’s seen several groups of people try and start it.

Two people in our group, have played it for over 3 years. Leila has played the same character for that time, though in the beginning she played two characters, I believe in an effort to balance out the group. One is a ranger and elite class called Phoenix-touched, literally touched by Pelor, and the other was a half-fiend Rogue/Fighter I believe. Jake originally played a half angel but now he plays a Death Knight. We’ve got a Barbarian who will be multi-classing into Druid and Ranger, a Guardinal and then there’s me… the Bard.

I’ve played many classes in World of Warcraft. My main is a Warrior as I have previously discussed. I have played a Ranger in Dungeons and Dragons and 2.5 years ago my Succubus started out as a Sorceress. As I looked more into the Bard class, I realized that I loved it. It’s very different and I wanted to try it out.

I started playing a Bard in a very short campaign that we used to get Paul’s nephews Todd and Chris reacquainted with Dungeons and Dragons. We ended up all rolling ourselves and chose a class we thought we might play in real life if we could. I’m no fighter, nor am I devout enough to be a Paladin or Cleric. I chose what came naturally to me, and that’s music.

But the point of my post is to talk about something that I love about our game. We do not limit ourselves to strictly what is in the book. If we’re having a bad day and we feel like killing something, we’ll bring that person or thing into the game. Last year, Leila had a really bad day at school with another student toally messing up her day in class. So, Paul made him the baddie du jour. And I’m pretty sure Leila’s character got the killing blow.

So, a couple of weeks ago when we got ourselves into a situation and Paul needed to create a character for us to face, he needed to give her stats, but most importantly she needed a name. We thought hard about it and chose the most annoying person that we could think of … Sarah Palin.

Now Sarah Palin ran the orphange in town and she wasn’t treating the children right. In fact, she was selling them into slavery on another continent for an exobitant amount and keeping the funds for herself. She was defrauding the city on her taxes and she was just generally a bitch. She had her house protected from any sort of magic, so I couldn’t use suggestion on her. Not even the Gale could use Divine Magic. It was intense.

Long story short, the time came to engage her in battle. I mentioned it on Twitter as other Dungeons and Dragons players are wont to do. I often see a lot of people use the #dnd hashtag to discuss the game. I do it frequently. Sometimes I even get input from those I don’t follow.

When it came to the NPC Sara Tiffany Palin (yes, we changed the name slightly) my group got a LOT of support from the Twitter crowd.

@chronicgeek @tashalee Hahaha. Get her! Don’t let her turn you…

@Velidra @tashalee kiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllll, Good luck! =D

@laurabeerotten @tashalee I know it isn’t the real Sarah Palin, but off that ho! Haha.

@sockmonkeyluv @tashalee She should totally morph into Tiamat. It would just be fitting.

For the record, she was a Teifling Sorceress with access to spells in the Book of Vile Darkness… scary stuff. She tried to turn the Phoenix into a vampire. Not sure what the curse or disease is called, but I know that we had about 3 minutes until it was all over.

Just when I thought it was all said and done, someone took my tweet about Sarah Palin out of context. Though clearly I had said that we were playing Dungeons and Dragons, they said this:

@tashalee Killing sarah palin? I think that threat is severely misguided. I think you should watch what you tweet.

Give me a break. It’s a game. We’re not terrorists. We’re harmless geeks. Though, as the actions of Stabby Con show us, even geeks can get violent when given an inkpen and a crowded panel hall.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share a bit of our game with you all. This particular session was particularly fun because it resulted in a quote that we found particularly hilarious and that I take complete credit for, “I don’t think Pelor has lasers…” It’s funny in context, trust me.

I love hearing about people’s games. I really love playing my character. She grows more and more each session.

What’s one of your funniest gaming experiences?


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