True Neutral

I had high hopes for today when it began. I got to work early (a rarity, unfortunately) was super excited when I synced up my Outlook with our sales program so I could very easily access our sales leads and was really looking forward to a few things. I’d had plans to hang out with my best friend, as we have been every Friday for our Foreign Film Friday. I also was going to help my mom hook up a Karaoke machine for her birthday party, but before all that I had a meeting schedule with the manager of a local restaurant so we could discuss a fund raising night for my museum. Nothing went according to plan.

When I woke up this morning, I declared that it would be a Neutral Good sort of day. Once my plans with my best friend were canceled and my morning was disrupted by the Windstream guy who came to check on our work internet, I saw the alignment of the day slipping. At first when Lila texted me to say that she’d like to reschedule, I was pretty upset. I’m generally home alone a lot so it’s nice to hang out with my friends. But, I was very selfish and for that I am really sorry.

I decided that I would go see a movie and maybe take a swim in the pool at my Mom’s hotel. She’s in Lexington this weekend because she invited several of her out of town friends down here (as it’s a pretty central point) for her 50th birthday party. She was pretty excited about it when she began the plans and I told her that I’d make sure she had a Karaoke machine for her party’s entertainment. Things got started a bit later than planned and I ended up staying well past the start times of the movies that I wanted to see. But, I had fun watching Mom sing with her friends. Again, I was selfish. I only thought of myself when I should have been thinking about my Mom. My evening wasn’t a waste like I thought it would be. I was happy to help them out and I even arranged the meeting room they were using for the party while she hung out at the pool.

But the thing that got me today, was that my 3 o’clock appointment had no idea I was going to be meeting with him. Apparently he didn’t get the message that I would meet him today at 3 and instead continued with our original plan of Monday. I waited 30 minutes before someone came to tell me the guy wouldn’t be in until after 4. I so was not going to wait for another 45 minutes before I got to meet with him. Another part of my day out the window.

So what kind of point am I trying to make? I woke up this morning with one expectation for the day. When it didn’t go the least bit like I thought it would, I thought it was going to be the worst day ever. I spent time with my mom and things were all better. We have to be able to roll with the punches, we have to be able to take things in stride. So my day was neither super awesome nor was it was the worst day ever. So-so, just plain neutral.


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