Hi, I’m Natasha and I love vampires.

There’s been a lot of discussion on the Twitter about Buffy, how much we don’t like Twilight, etc. As I had ruminated on the subject, I thought I’d jot down some thoughts.

It’s not like there’s anything to admit; our culture has always had a fascination with creatures of the night. From Buffy to The Vampire Chronicles and now True Blood and Twilight *snicker*, we get our fill. I have always enjoyed a good vampire tale, I even like the comedy “Once Bitten” with a young Jim Carrey. It seems like today there are plenty of outlets to sate your thirst, and a new generation of people with an interest in vampires are coming of age. However, their view is shrouded in sparkles. First and foremost, let me share that I absolutely abhor Twilight. The only entertainment value I find in it is being able to make fun of it. I do not believe in the love story, or lack there of, and I think that aside from the fact that I spent the evening with my bff, going to see Twilight and New Moon was a waste of time.

My one main problem with the universe that Stephanie Meyers created is that you can’t stake a damn vampire. What the hell? That completely destroys the mythology of the vampire slayer. And if there’s anything I enjoy, it’s a good vampire slaying. Now, I just consider True Blood to be in a league of its own when it comes to the vampire myth. Plus, I’m still a new viewer of the show. Charlaine Harris has created a very interesting world and I feel like I need to read the books to truly appreciate it all. Plus, the show is set in Louisiana and New Orleans is like my favorite city. Twilight is set in a town called Forks. I feel sorry for the people of Forks, I really do.

How am I going to rinse the taste of sparkle out? Ah, yes, by mentioning my favorite vampires. They do not sparkle, and while they may brood *coughcough*ANGEL*coughcough* I still think it’s a hell of a lot better than Edward Glittertits Cullen. My favorite vampire guys all hail from the small screen, but I do have mad love for Louis and Lestat. They, too, are in a class of their own and one day I will finish The Vampire Chronicles.

Vampire Mick isn’t nearly as scary as Vampire Spike or Angel, though…

Mick St. John, Moonlight.
I really do not think that this show got the credit it deserved. It was reviving vampires during the post-Buffy lull period. I do not recall any vampires in the main stream between the ending of Buffy and the start of Moonlight. I watched it for the first time and was instantly hooked. Unfortunately, it was canceled and honestly I think that it was too edgy for the Ghost Whisperer/CBS Friday night crowd. It was also the first time that I ever saw Alex O’Loughlin. Can we just talk about how hot he is? Seriously. Mick St. John puts Edward Cullen to shame… to shame! Mick is a detective in a world, much like the world in True Blood, where he is fully integrated into society. He’s also a total hottie.

Mmm, in the same picture, no less.

Spike and Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
William the Bloody was bookish and overlooked, but when he was turned, he became the big bad. With two slayer kills to his credit, he wanted to round out a third by killing Buffy Summers, the newest chosen one. But once he gets a chip implanted in his head which prevents him from hurting humans, he aligns himself with the good guys and becomes everyone’s favorite anti-hero. I like Spike. He got some great lines. But he was also beaten around a lot by Buffy, both emotionally and physically. In the end, though, we see how true his love really is. Spike makes me swoon.

I am so glad Angel lost his Irish accent. Love his heart, David Boreanaz couldn’t do one to save his life. Angel, the vampire with a soul, the one whose love for Buffy seemed to go much deeper than the erotic, lust that Buffy and Spike shared. (Just look at most of season 6.) But Angel also shares the anti-hero status. He spent the years after he got his soul back repenting for the sins of the past. He leaves Sunnydale to go to Los Angeles and start life anew.

There they are, folks. My top 3 vampire picks. They don’t sparkle and only one of them can’t be staked. The face of the vampire has changed from the notion of a Count in a Transylvanian castle to a more sophisticated member of society. If I had to pick a favorite from True Blood, it would be Vampire Bill. He’s got Southern charm that you can’t deny and he fought in the Civil War. And hello, why wouldn’t I like that?!

I also have to share that I am a Transylvanian myself. I go to Transylvania University, a small liberal arts college in Lexington, KY. Yeah, it exists. Hell yeah, I go to the vampire college. 🙂

Oh, and here’s one of my favorite videos currently on the Youtube.


4 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Natasha and I love vampires.

  1. >I've really enjoyed most of the True Blood books (waiting on watching until books are done because I don't like crossing the streams on books/tv/movies until one's resolved). And I've read Dracula 3 or 4 times. A bit of Ann Rice (first 3 vampire ones). Buffy, of course, and the first 3 seasons of Angel. Need to finish that because I liked it, just got caught up in other stuff.I prefer my vamps to abide by a few basics…and Twilight fails on that. Ideally daylight should be a problem. If it's not, they'd better have a good handicap to make up for that (like being slugging during the day might make up for it).

  2. >I like The Vampire Diaries as well. Southern setting (Virginia) with good and evil brothers (Damon is especially delicious) and a heroine that is not a wet blanket. There are things I like about the TV show more than the books, and vice versa. SMeyer ripped off The Vampire Diaries (written in the early 90s) so hard when she wrote Twilight but managed to make it shitty. LJ Smith's Salvatore brothers can be staked. And burn in the sun. You know, normal stuff.

  3. >I did neglect to mention the worlds of The Vampire Diaries and Laurel K. Hamilton. Kind of went on what I was more familiar with. I'll have to check out The Vampire Diaries on tv sometime.

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