Nightingale’s Story

This is written from the perspective of the character in a short campaign called Dark Deities: The Beginning. It put the timeline in motion for our current campaign. I play Natasha, a version of myself and in our current campaign I play my daughter Druscilla. This was written just before the last battle of our campaign known as “The Reckoning.”

My sweet angel,

Darling Druscilla, while I write this, you are sleeping peacefully. You are perfect, you are everything that I imagined and what I never thought I deserved. I’ve never known happiness like this, the way I feel with you and your father. I feel complete when we are together, the three of us.
Your father loves you very much. He really just adores you. In fact, it was he who suggested that we name you Druscilla, after his mother. A beautiful name for our darling baby girl.
But some things in life are not perfect. My friends and I are preparing for something the likes of which we’ve never seen. There’s something coming, and we are getting ready to face it head on. Your Uncle Paul has been training an army and your Aunt Leila has been working with the rangers. I must admit that I haven’t exactly figured out my place in our group, but I have been been trusting in the fact that we are fighting for what is right. We’re working to protect this world, this world that we fit in better now than ever before.
My darling girl, I am ensuring that you will be taken care of should I fall in battle. I don’t know what will happen when the time comes to fight, but I know that I will be trying with everything that is in me to keep you safe. If I should perish, if Vvardenfell should fall, or we are separated and you are left to grow up on your own with another family, I want you to know that I will always be with you. No matter how hard things seem, you must always follow your heart.
My sweet girl, I do not know what brought me to this land, but I know that there was a reason. What I am going to tell you may be hard to believe, but it is important for you to know who I am and where you come from.

Two years ago, my friends Leila, Paul, Chris, Todd and I were caught in an earthquake. Leila and Paul’s house was completely wrecked and when we emerged from the rubble, we were in a place we’d never seen before. We learned that it was the year 215 Light’s Dawn. When the earthquake began it was the year 2010. I don’t know where we ended up, if it was a parallel universe, if we fell through time and space, but the land was completely different than it was when we left it.

Where we were from, the only race was the human race. There were no undead walking the earth, no dwarves, no elves, no orcs. There were only humans. When we reached the city of Dragonfell, we found people of all walks of life and soon, we would be separated to walk our own paths.
I was taken into a group of Bards and given the name Nightingale. I was trained to sing, to spin tales, to play music and to use that music to both entertain and inspire. I have always been of the belief that when words fail, music speaks and I learned the truth behind those words.
Todd was taken into a group of rogues and Leila was accepted by the Dark Rangers. She was trained by Windrunner herself. Paul stayed behind in Haberstaff and when we all came back together we were different and yet the same.
I arrived later than the rest, as the bards had taken me all over Terra Pacis. I saw the whole world. But when I came back to meet with my friends, things had changed. Chris had died and was risen as a gale. Paul was now a vampire.
We drew from the deck of many things and after I drew my card, everything that I had vanished, leaving me naked. Everything was gone, including my customized self-playing mandolin. The shops were closed, but Todd was able to break into one of the stores and he left some money to cover the cost of the outfit he took. Little did he know, the particular outfit cost much more than he’d left and when the shopkeeper saw me out with it on, he thought I’d stolen it. Todd and I were put in jail. Thankfully, Paul was able to get us by persuading the guards it was in their best interest to let us go.

I met your father soon after. I had performed in a tavern where he was dining. He bought me a drink and he told me that he was a traveler and he was on his way to Dragonfell. We just happened to be going that way ourselves and I hoped to see him when we arrived. It was as if we belonged together. He was unlike any man I had ever met and I felt instantly drawn to him.
When we were led to a cave, where it was said a treasure belonging to Leila and Paul was supposed to be stored, we were nearly run over by some dark elves. It was there where we as a group encountered Nathaniel. He’d been hired as a fighter to protect a treasure-seeker. After the altercation at the cave, he decided to stay with us, which I was glad for. Over the next several months we traveled all over and ended up in Vvardenfell. Nathaniel and I became very close until the night that he asked me to marry him.
I’ll never forget it. We’d dined at the Diamond in the Rough and I sang a few songs with the band. I thought that I could use a song to show him my feelings for him. It obviously worked, because he asked me to marry him. It was a beautiful ceremony and Paul surprised Leila with a double wedding. I was so happy to share my special day with my sister. We rode off on a carriage and had a gorgeous reception.
Meanwhile, Paul knew what was coming. He knew that there was a malevolent force which would try to overtake Vvardenfell and the world. We saw a mass of undead in the Northern Wastelands. There was a giant iron spire in which we fought some of the most gruesome foes. We thought Todd had perished, but Madeline, who would be his wife, saved him. They had a baby as well, Nicolai.
Paul and Darion went to the King for approval to form a guild. The Scarlet Crusade would have one goal: to eradicate the world of all undead. It becaame Paul’s mission, he was focused, almost to the point of obsession. He was no longer the goofy, joking guy that I became friends with so many years before. He was all business, driven. My heart went out for Leila who loved him even through it all. But as the time draws near, I feel Nathaniel a bit distant as well. Perhaps that is just what the prospect of battle does to a fighter. They become entrenched in what they have to do.

We met the most powerful paladin in all of Vvardenfell in Tarinae Ashbringer. He husband, Azrael is the leader of the clerics. They have shown us great kindness. Tarinae is with child and she should be having her baby soon. It is a joy, being a mother. I never thought I would ever see the day where I would call you mine.

Our time in Vvardenfell has been long as we prepare. We have celebrated nearly a year including Carnival. Your father won me a necklace last year. I wear it always. It symbolizes strength. Our love for you is strong, Druscilla. Remember that we will always be with you.
I love you, my darling daughter. May you dream dreams sweet. Believe and you will find a way.

Your mother,

2 thoughts on “Nightingale’s Story

  1. >This is very interesting. I've never been in a game where the pc's had a child (never mind also playing that child as a gamer, very cool). I enjoyed reading it. Thanks!

  2. >Clarification: Druscilla, my succubus who is now human, was a character I created in 2008 and I played her in the original Dark Deities, my friend's D&D campaign. Sitting around one evening with my friends and their teenage nephews, we decided to teach them how to play D&D so we rolled "ourselves" hence why I played Natasha (Nightingale). It just so happened that my friend Paul, our fabulous DM, was able to weave this story into the timeline of Dark Deities when we rebooted the campaign a few weeks ago. So yeah, I played "myself" and then my demon daughter. Oh what a tangled web…

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