Going batty

Working with the public, you get to overhear a lot of interesting things. There are entire websites devoted to the things you hear other people say when they think no one is listening. But I’m privileged to experience people saying awesome things directly to me. I’ve had elementary school kids tell me that I need to get up in the club, a customer tell me that Xerxes from 300 tripped him out, and a myriad of other things.

My circumstance is also very unique because my weekend job is at a historic home where people rent the space for events. This, more often than not, leads to copious amounts of drinking. A few weekends ago, I had some intoxicated people who freaked out about a rain storm. Last night, things got taken to a new level.

Like I said, it’s an old house, built in 1814. For its age, it’s in remarkable shape. However, we’ve recently had some new residents move in: bats. They’re probably Gray Bats, but I’d like to believe that they’re Rafinesque’s Big-eared Bats. Anyway, they’ve taken up roost and there’s nothing we can do. They’re federally protected as endanged species so they cannot be exterminated during their nesting season. The bats do not really cause a problem as a general rule. In fact, I’ve only had one fly around in the fall.

But last night, they came out in full force. I think that it was Mrs. Minnie trying to get the people to leave her house. Regardless, the bats were a bit of a nuissance to the guests and proved for hilariosity for me. Drunk people + furry winged creatures = HILARIOUS. One girl exclaimed, “I love animals! I want to try and save it!” She proceeded to take a lid from a to go box and scoop it up to set it outside.

She did this for about twenty minutes. She wasn’t harmed and neither was the bat, it was just hilarious. The drunk people kept coming in and out of the house saying, “Oh my GOD, is that a bat?!” It was like they’d forgotten and was rediscovering it all over again.

Then, there was a party pooper. She told everyone that they were going to have to have rabies vaccinations. (No one was bitten.) They were all going to have a series of shots because they came in contact with bats. Close to the end of the evening she even came up to me sayin, “Do you own this house? You need to do something about these bats.”

Talking to drunk people can be fun, but when they start to get mean, it just become a pain in my ass. I think at one point she told the guy who was holding the event that they should sue over the bats because everyone is going to get rabies.

I guess I didn’t do the drunken bat escapade justice, but believe me, it was hilarious. I’ll try and describe the next instance better next time. 🙂

**Edit** Did anyone catch the reference in my picture? If not, it’s Bartok from Anastasia. Such a good movie.


2 thoughts on “Going batty

  1. >It's a super fun job. I only get unruly people every so often so it's not too bad. The bat box is a good suggestion. I'll talk to my boss about it. I know that they've just been nesting up on the third floor because it's not used for anything other than storage and they aren't disturbed up there. I felt bad for the poor little guy though, he literally fell from the third floor to the first. He had to have been injured.

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