I wanna cast magic missile…

I’m, by all intents and purposes, a gamer. I started out playing games on my Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Playstation 2 and had 1 simulation game for my old Gateway PC called Tropico. Fast forward to 2007 and I started playing World of Warcraft. I love this game. I have an immense amount of fun playing it. I’ve also spent an immense amount of time playing it. But above all, I have spent time with my friends playing WoW.

Also in 2007, I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons up close and personal. Several of my good friends played such games when we were in high school at a local gaming store, but I never gave it a chance. I’ve really enjoyed table top rpgs thus far. I’ve had a few characters that I’ve put a lot into and all and all I don’t think I suck at it.

Currently, we’re playing a game in which my character is a half-demon (succubus) bard. We’re still new into the campaign, but this character is very special to me. After restarting this game 4 times, I finally got her right. I feel what she’s feeling, I can see what she sees inside my head.

Our RP group is amazing, btw. Incredibly creative people. Because they’ve been doing it so much longer than I have, I sometimes just sit back in awe of their knowledge of the game and how they can remember all of the rules, stats, etc.

I fear, though, that I may have to roll another character soon. Druscilla, my half-succubus, may just fall victim to a very powerful vampire lord. Aw damn.


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